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10 most common SEO stats that can’t be simply disregarded


The Search Engine Optimization or commonly pronounced as SEO is the digital process of enhancing online visibility of a web portal on un-paid or natural result pages of search engines. Through this process, SEO companies are including search engine friendly essentials into a business website.

A victorious SEO campaign will have relevant contents about the topics and unique placement of keywords so that on-page optimization could be effectively designed to make famous for search engine algorithms.

Today, you will find SEO to be broken down into two parts among which one is on-page optimization and the second one is the off-page optimization. In the on-page optimization section, SEO developers will look for the website elements like HTML code, images, and textual contents whereas in the off-page optimization, the SEO developers will include back-links into the website.

Types of Search Engine Optimization:

Mostly, there are two types of SEO available out there. One is White-hat SEO and the second one is the Black-hat SEO. The White-hat SEO is using the necessary methodologies and techniques in order to improve the rankings of the web-page in search engines. It doesn’t let the faults run on search engine guidelines.

On the other hand, the Black-hat SEO takes advantage of search engine algorithms’ weaknesses to drive high rankings for the website. Due to this method, it directly violates the guidelines of search engine.

If you are hopeful to improve your business in the online marketing sector, then there are several SEO stats are present which are hard to disregard simply. From these, some of are mentioned below.

SEO can also be carried out on different levels for different sizes of business. Local SEO is carried out on small local businesses on a local level with much less competition, this includes things like plumbers, builders and other local markets. Taking it to the other extreme are national and global businesses where the market is enormous and competition very high. This can include things like online casino sites in Germany and Austria like and, betting sites, high street e commerce websites, price comparison sites among plenty others.

Common SEO stats that can’t simply be ignored:

  1. When it comes to online marketing, SEO continues to be the most complex things for many businesses.
  2. The technical aspects of SEO ties to steady updates from the widespread search engines and its smeared lines with content marketing, social media and usability of websites all mixed to create confusion.
  3. 93% of the online businesses experience their starting journey with search engines
  4. Google has owned 65-to-70% of the market share of the search engines
  5. The links that search users are using today are 70% organic
  6. 70-to-80% users simply ignore the paid versions of advertisement while focusing more on the organic results
  7. 75% of the total users never scroll the past and stick to the first page of the search results
  8. Search is the number one driver of audience to website contents, making social media beat by 300% more
  9. While outbound leads have 1.7% of close rate, SEO, on the other hand, have leads of 14.6% close rate
  10. When Google search engine is taken into concern, it is found that 18% of the natural clicks go to the first position, 10% to the second position and rest of the 7% clicks goes to the 3rd position holders

Make sure that you have taken the smart and persistent SEO strategies to keep a consistent yet effective business. SEO could be the best result-driven tactics for your widespread businesses online.