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All you want to know about Endoscopic Spinal surgery


Whenever people try to treat spinal related damages/problems, they should go through the Endoscopic Spinal Surgery. It is one of the most refined processes present in the medical science to diagnose and deal with all types of spinal injuries. Long incisions are required by the traditional spinal surgeries and the recovery period is also somewhat lengthy comparable to that experienced during rhinoplasty surgery.

This is what separate major spine surgeries from endoscopic spine surgery. Rather than taking a long route to deal with spinal injuries, patients take endoscopic spinal surgery into account for achieving faster recovery route. The endoscopic spinal surgery gives the opportunity to the patients to experience minimal surgery pain and returning to their regular endeavours within few days.

In-depth description of Endoscopic Spinal Surgery:

In the medical-surgical procedure, the one and only painless cure to spinal surgeries are Endoscopic Spinal Surgery. The human body is a complex structure, and you can’t simply look into it.

Therefore, if the spine of a person gets any kinds of damage or injury, then the surgeon will look into it through a minuscule video camera called endoscope. This will allow the surgeon to look carefully the damaged section and do the necessary spinal surgery.

List of the spinal surgeries that can be done through Endoscopic Spinal Surgery are:

  • Spinal Tumors
  • Spinal infections
  • Spinal fractures
  • Herniated Disc
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Kyphosis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

Endoscopic Spinal Surgery provides many benefits compared to the open back surgery, some of which are:

  • Due to the compact size of the endoscope, it requires a very small incision to enter into your body
  • The body tissues and muscles around the created incision don’t need to be cut down
  • Because of the above two mentioned points, the period for body recovery from the surgery is lesser than open back surgery
  • The endoscopic spinal surgery is less painful by nature

Involvement of risks in Endoscopic spinal surgery:

Though the endoscopic spinal surgery is highly effective for the patients as compared to any open spine surgeries, still there are few usual risks involved with it, which are:

  • Probability of infection in the incision made at the time of surgery
  • Patients may find some inimical reactions in their anesthetic
  • Loss of blood
  • Pulmonary embolus risks due to blood clots in the legs
  • Risk of post-operative pneumonia

Is there any alternative to it?

Though the endoscopic spinal surgery is itself an alternative, still there is two other alternative presents for it, namely Laser spine surgery and Arthroscopic spine surgery.